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Find authentic and traditional Polish dishes, cooking techniques, holiday recipes, basic ingredients and more. Popular Searches


HowStuffWorks has recipes for every occasion and serves up expert advice on how to prepare the perfect meal. Get food and nutrition tips on HowStuffWorks. Advertisement Here is a p...


This Polish beef roulade (zrazy) recipe is made with economical cuts of beef that have been pounded thinly and rolled with a variety of fillings. Polish roulade or zrazy (ZRRAH-zih...


Find recipes for favorite Polish appetizers like pierogis or bacon-wrapped prunes. Popular Searches


Kluski noodles simmered in chicken broth, also known as Polish noodles, are a staple dish for dinner buffets with Polish sausage and green beans. Growing up in South Bend, Indiana,...


Faworki are deep-fried crispy pastry twists dusted with confectioners' sugar, a sweet Polish treat traditionally served in Carnival season. Traditional Polish crispy pastry twists ...


Use these recipes for homemade furniture polish instead of buying chemicals and aerosols. You can make them with ingredients from your kitchen. Erin Huffstetler is a writer with ex...


If you love authentic Japanese cuisine, try this yakisoba recipe, complete with pork tenderloin, pickled ginger, and dried seaweed. This authentic yakisoba was taught to me by my h...


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