At some point during the pan-Indian movement of the 1960s and 1970s, dream catchers became a popularly made item among many Native American tribes, including the Cherokee, Navajo and Lakota. They are not, however, tradit... More »

Dream catchers made by members of the Cherokee tribe feature an elaborate design of interlocking circles and are often as wide as 6 to 12 inches across. The hand-crafted pieces are frequently adorned with beads and feath... More »

The 2010 census reported that the largest Native American tribe in North America is the Cherokee, followed by the Navajo and Choctaw tribes. Historians believe that the U.S. Constitution was influenced by or based on the... More » History Modern History US History

Some Indian or Native American tribes that are still around today are the Cherokee, Navajo, Apache, Iroquois and Creek. The Cherokee currently has the largest population, as of 2015, with 729,000 individuals. The Navajo ... More »

The most common Indian tribes include the Cherokee, the Navajo, the Sioux and the Chippewa tribes, as of 2015. The Navajo tribe has over 308,013 members, followed by the Cherokee with 285,476 members, the Sioux with 131,... More »

Some Cherokee traditions include gathering on ceremonial ground, sacred dances and belief in the afterlife. Numbers play a significant role in Cherokee tradition, especially the numbers four and seven. The natural world ... More »

Facts about the Cherokee tribe for kids include that most Cherokee sided with the Confederacy during the Civil War, Cherokee men usually only wore a deerskin loincloth and moccasins in warm weather, and the Cherokee were... More » World View Social Sciences Cultures & Traditions