As of September 2014, the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade reports that the clothing of the Australian people is very diverse. Few places in Australia have a dress code, and there are no laws regarding ... More »

Australia is home, or the birth country, to many famous people, including the actresses Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett and Portia de Rossi and actors Hugh Jackman, Geoffrey Rush, Liam Helmsworth, Chris Hemsworth and Eric ... More » Art & Literature

A Christmas day meal in Australia commonly includes seafood. Prawns, fish and lobster (often barbecued) are popular on this holiday. More »

There is no one definable Australian breakfast cuisine, reports the Australian Government Department of Trade and Foreign Affairs. Instead, the morning menu features a blend of old traditions and new influences. The brea... More »

When threatened, the blue-ringed octopus can produce a powerful neurotoxin that is strong enough to kill 26 people. Fortunately, there are some physical signs that the octopus may be about to produce its toxin, including... More » Geography Australia

Australia is a massive country, with an area of approximately 2.97 million square miles and a population of approximately 23 million people as of 2014. In comparison, the continental United States has an area of 2.96 mil... More »

There are guided tours known as BridgeClimb that allow people to climb to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in a safe, controlled environment. More than 3 million people have climbed the iconic, 463 foot tall bridge. More » Geography Australia