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A koala bear has a short chubby body covered with gray fur, a round head, large hairy ears, a large nose and small dark eyes. Although they resemble teddy bears, they are actually not "bears" at all but marsupials.


There are three recognized subspecies of koala bears based on where in Australia they reside. One type of koala is from northern Queensland, one type is from New South Wales and one type is from Victoria.


According to PBS, koala bears are native to Australia and live in its southern and eastern regions. These animals primarily live in tall eucalypt forests, low eucalypt woodlands and coastal or island woodlands.


The natural predators of the koala include dingoes, owls, eagles and pythons. However, according to the Australian Koala Foundation, these predators have little impact on wild populations, even though they prey on juvenile koalas.


Koala bears protect themselves by spending most of their time living in trees, which helps them avoid being attacked by predators. It's common to find koala bears lounging among the branches of eucalyptus trees, which is their favorite choice for habitat. Koalas also hang out in gum and mahogany tre


Although they are not normally dangerous, koalas do occasionally fight back when cornered or threatened. Their sharp teeth and claws can cause significant injuries to humans or other animals.


Koalas are native to the coastal regions of eastern and southeastern Australia. They can be found in the Australian states of Queensland, South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria.


Koalas are known for having an unpleasant temperament. For the most part, however, they tend to avoid aggressive behaviors that require expending a lot of energy. Females that are pregnant or have small offspring tend to be the most aggressive and territorial.


Koalas live in the eucalypt forests and woodlands of eastern Australia, and they are seen on some islands off the southern and eastern coasts of the country. Koalas are native to New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and South Australia.


Koalas live an average of 20 years in the wild. Although owls or dingos sometimes prey upon koalas, dogs and motor vehicles are responsible for the majority of koala deaths in the wild.