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Australian Animals List With Pictures & Facts: Discover The Amazing Animals That Live In Australia. July 6, 2019 July 5, 2019 by admin. Discover the amazing wildlife of Australia; this Australian animals list has pictures and facts on Australia’s most famous animals (and many of its lesser-known species).


Australia is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. Some of the animals found here are very unique, and are not found anywhere else in the world. This AnimalSake article provides an A-Z list of the native animals of Australia with their pictures.


Australia is blessed with an abundance of animal life, but unfortunately, there are many animals that are endangered or critically endangered. AnimalSake provides you with an alphabetical list of them, along with pictures.


Below is a list of native Australian animals and some introduced species with a few facts thrown in so you can impress people. This list doesn’t include all Australian wildlife (yet) but definitely the most well known and a few you’ve probably never heard of as well. A-Z list of Australian Animals!


Following is a list of Australian animal extinctions from the arrival of the first European colonists in 1788, until the present. There are 24 birds (though just 1 from the mainland), 7 frogs, and 27 mammal species or subspecies strongly believed to have become extinct in Australia since European settlement.


Australian Animals A-Z List. Photographs and facts on birds, mammals, marsupials, reptiles, frogs, spiders of Australia


Australian Mammals: Photos and facts about mammals of Australia including habitat, conservation, distribution maps


Australian Animals - Australian Wildlife Unique And Sometimes Scary Animals Of Australia. Australian animals: pictures, wildlife information and stories about the unique Australian animals that you can find in the Outback. One of the very first questions travellers usually ask me is about the animals of Australia.


Australian animals are a fascinating group that includes some of the most unusual creatures on Earth.. The continent of Australia has vast expenses of desert and semi-arid land in its interior, sub-tropical rain forest in the Northeast, and grasslands and mountain ranges along the perimeter.


Australian Birds List with Pictures, Facts and Information July 23, 2018 October 22, 2016 by admin Our Australian birds list contains many of Australia’s most famous birds, together with many other notable or unusual species.