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Animals in Australia Australian animals you should know about. There are so many interesting animals in Australia! Four out of five animals that live in Australia only can be found there. Among the animal species that can only be found in Australia are the monotremes, which are mammals that lay eggs!


Animals such as kangaroos, possums, koalas and bandicoots are marsupials. You’ll meet all of these – and more – in the list below! Australian Animals List with Pictures & Facts. Scroll down to see all of the animals in alphabetical order, or use the index below to find a specific species: Australian Amphibians. Australian Birds.


Our Animals for Kids videos are for kids who LOVE animals! Learning about animals is a great way to keep kids excited about their natural world. Perfect for kids in school or homeschoolers - or if ...


This educational video will teach your children the animals in Australia and the Australian animal sounds. The fauna of Australia consists of a large variety of animal species. 83% of the ...


Australian Animals names and sounds for kids to learn. This educational video will help in learning Australian animal names and sounds for children in kindergarten or preschool age. Subscribe to ...


It is a great video of Australian animals for kids. The fauna of Australia consists of a large variety of animal species. 83% of the Australian mammals are native to Australia. This diversity makes it interesting for kids to learn about the Australian animals and their sounds.


Top 9 Amazing Australian Animals Due to millions of years of isolation, Australia is home to many unique species of plants and animals. Interestingly more than 80% of Australia’s animals and ...


Animals of Australia. Australia is home to many animals, some of which are very different and unique to the area. Join me in the Australian outback (wilderness) for some animal watching, mate!


The cartoon tells about animals that live in Australia, what they eat, where they live, interesting facts about them. On this video your kids can learn more about kangaroo, koala, tasmanian devil ...


Australian animals and birds are favourites with children the world over, and here you can learn a little about them, print out some of our fun printable activities, try out some colouring pages or have a go at our fun Australian animal crafts! Browse by animal below, or scroll down to browse by activity.