Audio device drivers can be downloaded for free from the manufacturer of a computer's sound card or, if the sound device is built into the computer's motherboard, the manufacturer of the motherboard. Audio device drivers... More » Technology Software

Free audio of wild birds can be found at eNature, as well as at the Macaulay Library website. At both sites, you can listen online for free; however, you must pay to download the Library's files, and eNature requires use... More » Pets & Animals Birds

The audio resources listed at Bible Gateway's website are free to stream, and some translations and versions also offer free downloads. However, not all of the languages, interpretations and dramatic presentations are av... More » World View Religion The Bible

Sources that provide free drivers include the Drivers section on and the support sections on websites of hardware and software manufacturers, such as Microsoft, Nvidia and Advanced Micro Devices Inc. These sourc... More » Technology Software

The specific methods for using call recording software vary between programs, though most involve launching a the application before beginning the voice call on your computer and clicking the Record button to capture the... More » Technology Software

Windows XP users can download free sound drivers by using the Device Manager. The Device Manager automatically finds the compatible driver for the specific sound card in the system and downloads it. More » Technology Software

The most notable system software is the operating system that controls the PC; other types of system software include device drivers, system utilities, compilers, file management tools, assemblers and debuggers. System s... More »