Color charts can help in choosing the right hair color by providing a list of the basic hair colors and their different tones. It is also helpful in determining the hair color that best matches your skin color and tone. More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Hair Color

To view a L'Oreal Preference hair color chart, visit the company's website at, and view the information for the Superior Preference product line. The website includes a chart of 47 Preference hair dye colors a... More »

Find a color chart for CHI hair color on the website of Eco Hair Products, the company that makes CHI color. From the Eco Hair Products home page, click Salon. Click on the Colour Chart link in the top navigation bar. Cl... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Hair Color

Ultimately, the Naturcolor chart is similar to many other hair color charts, so reference the names of the hair colors, and use color swatches to determine which matches your hair tone. Avoid hair colors that are two sha... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Hair Color

According to many online reviews, Redken hair color charts are reliable, as of 2015. There are several charts, each corresponding to a specific Redken product. The charts are not interchangable. More »

Red hair color charts, or color swatches, are usually included as a resource on or near boxes of hair color in hair specialty stores. Otherwise, helpful color charts are readily available online. It is always advisable t... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Hair Color

Salons often use Schwarzkopf color charts when consulting and customizing a client's color. It is possible to choose the appropriate hair color without consulting the color chart, but for the best results possible, use o... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Hair Color