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To install attic rafter vents and baffles, first calculate how many rafter vents you need, and make a cardboard template of the soffit vents to cut them equally. After drilling holes and cutting according to the template, slide the soffit vents into the openings, and en...


An attic ventilation baffle is a type of ventilation system that helps introduce air from outside the home into the attic to create air circulation. The baffle acts as a channel that aids in the ordered circulation of air in an attic space and is generally made using po...


Types of attic vents include gable vents, ridge line vents, soffit vents and turbine vents. Some vents, such as turbines, are powered by the wind, while others use attic fans to improve air flow. Solar attic fans, mounted on the roof and powered by the sun, are also ava...


Attic vents are necessary to enable proper air circulation in the attic and home in general. The ventilation prevents build up of moisture or heat and maintains a convenient environment in the attic throughout the year.


The brand names of attic fans found at Home Depot include Active Ventilation, Master Flow, US Sunlight, Ventamatic, Broan, Remington, QuietCool and Whirlybird. Active Ventilation and Master Flow are the two brands with the most options and models to choose from.


There are many ventilation options that may be implemented in an attic space, including mechanical and non-mechanical ventilation, such as ridge, gable, soffit and roof vents.


The different types of powered attic vents include electric power gable-mounted vents, roof-mounted attic vents and solar power curb-mount vents, as of 2015. These vents remove hot air from the attic, which decreases the overall work load of household air-conditioning u...