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A standard bed frame may look quite simple, but it's equipped to hold practically any headboard. The bed-frame's headboard brackets usually have four horizontally oblong holes or slots, one above the other.


Attach a headboard to a metal frame by lining up the holes on the headboard to the holes on the frame. Ask a friend to hold the frame steady while inserting nuts, bolts and washers to connect the two. Place the headboard behind the frame. Place the headboard, with the padded decorative side facing the frame, up against the wall behind the frame.


Here are some basic steps for attaching a headboard meant for hooks to your bed frame. The first step is the same as for a bolt-on version, where you prepare your space to have enough room and prevent damage. After that: Stand the headboard in position against the bed frame so that the slots in the headboard leg face the bed frame.


Stand the headboard behind the bedframe with the padded side facing the frame. Enlist a friend to hold the headboard steady while you work. Position it so the bolt holes on its legs line up with ...


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A headboard turns your bed into an attractive part of the bedroom furniture when it is attached to the metal bed frame. Metal frames typically have brackets at the ends of the side rails for attaching headboard and footboards.


If you do, however, want to add a headboard to your adjustable bed frame, you will need to learn how to attach headboard to adjustable bed frame. With any model, learning how to attach headboard to adjustable bed frame is easier to do before the mattress is added.


It is your choice. If your DIY headboard or store bought headboard has legs, then it is meant to be bolted to the bed base or bed frame.There should be Headboard Attachment Brackets on the corner of your bed frame to attach a headboard. If the headboard is large like in some luxury hotels, it would be best to secure it to the wall.


How to Fit a Bed Headboard. Fitting a new headboard to your bed is a cinch. Floor-standing headboards and strutted headboards are both easily attached by screwing bolts through the headboard's struts and into the appropriate screw holes in...