To sign up for an AT&T U-Verse package as of 2015, visit the company's website,, and select an option from the available listings or chat with an online specialist to complete the order. Alternately, customers ca... More » Technology Television & Video

Depending on the service bundle, U-verse Internet speed capability ranges from up to 3 megabits per second for High Speed Internet Pro to 45 megabits per second. Internet speeds of up to 75 megabits per second to 1 gigab... More »

AT&T U-verse programming does not require a special app to be viewed online from a laptop. Live streaming programs can be watched at using most conventional web browsers, but an active U-verse subscription, us... More » Technology Mobile

You can find the AT&T U-verse guide by visiting, then selecting the Guide link at the top of the website page. The guide incorporates filters that allow visitors to sort programming by date and genre, includin... More » Technology Television & Video

The U450 package for AT&T U-Verse offers customers a number of features, including more than 225 high definition channels, a movie package and sports package. There is also one high-definition DVR box included, as of 201... More »

The channel list for AT&T's U-verse U200 package can be viewed at the sales website, The shop tab on the main AT&T webpage,, may also be used. The main page also allows customers to check the serv... More »

Access AT&T online billing by going to the company's website at and clicking on the Billing, Usage and Payments link under the myAT&T tab. You need an AT&T Web account with a username and password in order to acc... More » Business & Finance Personal Banking