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The weight that the atmosphere exerts as it pushes downward causes atmospheric pressure. This pressure in the Earth's atmosphere affects the weather.


The atmosphere is the blanket of gases that surround a planet. Earth's atmosphere has evolved from being one filled with carbon dioxide and water vapor to one containing mainly nitrogen and oxygen.


Atmospheric pressure sensors are fitted at the engine air inlet to measure the air pressure that affects engine calibration. They are connected to a computer that reads the signal from the pressure sensor to regulate fuel trim and engine timing.


According to Climate Education for K-12 from North Carolina State University, air pressure decreases as elevation increases in higher levels of the atmosphere. The atmosphere has four levels. From the closest level to the surface of the earth to the highest level, they ...


Temperature affects the lows and highs of air pressure but air pressure can also bring in higher or lower temperatures. The speed and movement of molecules is what determines air pressure.


The atmosphere derives heat from the sun, which emits radioactive waves towards it. This heat then spreads throughout the atmosphere via radiation, convection and conduction.


The Earth's atmosphere is composed of several layers of gases that reach altitudes up to 6,200 miles above sea level. The lowest layer of the atmosphere is known as the troposphere, which reaches altitudes up to 11 miles.