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JailATM.COM Welcome to the new way to place money on a current inmate account! 1) Go to www.JailATM.com 2) Create an account using your email 3) Confirm your email 4) Log In 5) Choose “Commissary” 6) Choose “VA” for the State 7) Choose Rappahannock Regional Jail 8) Type the inmate last name Follow the prompts and you are on


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What Is JailATM? JailATM is a service that allows the family members of participating jails to send inmates money, purchase gift packs for inmates, or send inmates emails or video calls. When sending money, funds are made available to the inmates immediately after the credit card is processed.


The Chatham County Sheriff's Office is making it easier to add money to an inmate's account. Just visit www.JailATM.com. The inmate can use this money to purchase personal items and snack foods from the jail's commissary. There is a $2.50 fee for each of these transactions.


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New User JailPayments.com is the authorized agent for the jails listed on this web site. We facilitate the ability to transfer money to the inmate trust account to be used for the options available at the jail, which could include:


Jail ATM is a service provided to friends and family of inmates incarcerated in the Henry County Jail. It is a fast and convenient way to send money to inmates. Funds are credited to the inmates account immediately after the transaction is approved by the credit card company.