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Richmond was slight of build, Charles vigorous and athletic. You have not the athletic appearance of a youth in training, Epigenes. Reluctantly his friend lifted his athletic bulk from the chair. The man, though young and athletic, was emaciated and weary-looking. Doctor Gardiner, as we have explained, was an athletic young man.


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If you're athletic, you have a natural talent for sports and fitness. You might jump nonstop through a strenuous aerobics class, then go run a few miles, and top it off shooting hoops with the basketball team.


Need synonyms for athletic? Here's over 50 fantastic words you can use instead. ... What is another word for athletic? Need synonyms for athletic? Here's a list of words from our thesaurus that you can use instead. Adjective Physically strong, fit, and active.


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The athletic community was putting pressure on him to say that he was pro-Olympics and pro-athletes.


Athletic synonyms. Top synonyms for athletic (other words for athletic) are muscular, robust and sturdy.


— Sean Illing, Vox, "How corporate cash bought higher education," 14 Nov. 2018 Adidas is the official supplier of the Huskers athletics program. — Jen Murphy, WSJ, "The Team That Digs Deeper to Have Fun," 8 Oct. 2018 For another, a winning athletics program could be what places one university above another.