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Best Answer: Athena was completely different from many, if not all of the other Greek deities, since she actually tried to help others rather than harm them; and while she may have been thought of as a warrior, she was also known as a peacemaker and as the mother of Erichthonius, even though she was a virgin who had sworn an oath of chastity.


I would like to know her mother, father, aunt, uncle, brothers, sisters, 1/2 siblings and so on and so forth. ... Who is Athena's (greek goddess) family? I would like to know her mother, father, aunt, uncle, brothers, sisters, 1/2 siblings and so on and so forth. ... Names of Greek gods & goddesses? More questions.


Athena's personality was loyal. She also was even tempered and was sweet and compassionate to those who seek wisdom. She was also self-sufficient.


The Temple of Athena Nike (Greek: Ναός Αθηνάς Νίκης, Naós Athinás Níkis) is a temple on the Acropolis of Athens, dedicated to the goddess Athena Nike.Built around 420 BC, the temple is the earliest fully Ionic temple on the Acropolis. It has a prominent position on a steep bastion at the south west corner of the Acropolis to the right of the entrance, the Propylaea.


Athena, the greek goddess of war and wisdom. The virgin goddess of war Athena was one of the most important deities among the twelve gods of Mount Olympus. She was loved throughout the ancient Greek world. All ancient documents refer to her as Zeus’s favorite daughter.


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What is the name of the flower in the hinduism creation story? When were Hindu Gods born according to Hindu Mythology? Why did you make this so easy? Do you have greek mythology quizzes? Questions Related to Mythology. Who is the goddess of victory? Why are Greek and Roman mythologies so similar?


My name is Athena, born and raised in Northern Virginia. I am Greek and Scottish, and have a great love for my culture and traditions. I currently attend college in Philadelphia, were I am in my senior year. I am studying business marketing and minoring in corporate communications and public relations.


ATHENA: GREEK GODDESS OF WISDOM AND CRAFTSMANSHIP Athena was the ultimate career woman. As goddess of war, the Greek goddess Athena was a superb warrior; her presence on your side assured a big win. The goddess Minerva was her counterpart in Roman mythology. The goddess Athena was a superb strategist and many of the Greek…