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As of 2015, most U.S. citizens and permanent residents become eligible for Medicare at age 65. People who wish to receive Medicare should sign up approximately three months before their 65th birthday.


As of 2015, the eligible age for Medicare is 65. However, people can qualify for Medicare at a younger age if they have been entitled to Social Security benefits for at least two years or if they have renal disease, according to the Congressional Budget Office.


As of 2015, it's possible to receive Medicare benefits at age 62 for those who have been eligible for disability payments for 24 months or receive a disability pension from the Railroad Retirement Board. Those with Lou Gehrig's disease or permanent kidney damage are als...


Most people are eligible for Medicare benefits at age 65, although some people may be eligible at earlier ages. People who are eligible for Social Security disability benefits for at least 24 months before age 65 and those that suffer from certain specific diseases are ...


The costs of Medicare vary according to the different plans and a beneficiary's annual income. Medicare Part A, which covers inpatient hospitalization, has no monthly premium for most people, although it requires a $1,260 deductible, according to Medicare.gov.


Individuals with certain types of disabilities may be eligible to receive Medicare before the age of 65. Typically, individuals who have applied for disability benefits receive Medicare after receiving those benefits for over 24 months, though ALS patients receive Medic...


People who can receive Medicare are those who are 65 years and older, those who have certain illnesses and disabilities, or those who need dialysis or a kidney transplant, explains WebMD. Most people who fall in this category are signed up automatically after they recei...