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Options for Internet service without a landline include satellite, cellular tethering and MiFi. Some municipalities also provide free Wi-Fi for residences, or an arrangement might be made to use Wi-Fi from a nearby source.


A landline is not necessary to access the Internet. Alternatives to landlines include public Wi-Fi, cellular networks and satellite connections. These methods do have some limitations as compared to landlines, however.


Computer users do not need a landline to set up a wireless Internet connection. They can establish a wireless connection through a broadband Internet connection or a cellular network.


Some of the best landline phone plans include those from Vonage and Voipo, notes Wirefly.com. These companies have low rates averaging about $10 a month as of September 2015 and are available for landline use around the country.


The largest advantage of having a landline telephone is reliability. In the event of a power outage or weather event, landline telephones can often remain functional when other types of phones do not.


As of 2015, AT&T still offers landline phone service in various packages, including flat-rate service, unlimited local calling or long distance calling. AT&T also offers packages that allows its customers to combine other services to their landline package, such as high-speed Internet access.


As of 2015, Verizon continues to offer landline telephone service. Verizon Fios Digital Voice service is available separately or as part of a bundle with Fios TV and Internet services. At least one phone jack is required in the residence for phone service.


In much of the world it is possible to tell whether a phone call originates from a landline or cellphone simply by looking at the phone number. In the United States, however, one must do a little research to answer this question, typically by using some version of a reverse phone lookup service onli


Verizon offers its customers an online troubleshooter tool to assist them with landline and other technical issues without having to call a representative for technical support. If customers need additional assistance, they are encouraged to utilize the automated online agents or contact Verizon's t


The best landline phones for seniors feature large buttons that are easy to use and see, amplified or adjustable speakers and ring tones to assist those who experience hearing difficulties, easy-to-read caller ID screens, and visual flashing lights or caller ID announcements to indicate incoming cal