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Astronomy is a field of science that studies the nature and motions of celestial bodies. This includes studying objects such as stars, planets and entire galaxies.


Some easy science experiments for kids include a potato-powered electricity generator, a baking soda and vinegar volcano, and homemade slime. These quick, simple experiments are simultaneously fun and educational.


Some of the most common examples of fun and easy science experiments for kids are making a prism out of a cup of water, rolling a can with static electricity and cleaning pennies with vinegar. Examples of these experiments and others can be found at many science-based educational websites.


ScienceKids.com, Scholastic.com and ScienceBob.com are examples of websites that outline easy, fun science experiments for children. The University of Wisconsin website has a page of science experiments suitable for the home. SteveSpanglerScience.com sells science experiment kits for children.


Astronomy, and space science generally, is an effective method for broadening the human perspective, contributing new ideas and technologies and alerting the world to impending harm. After the unexpected Russian 2013 meteorite strike, astronomers at the University of Hawaii announced plans to build


Good ways to learn the latest astronomy news are to read astronomy periodicals, visit websites devoted to astronomy, and read updates from space-related organizations. Magazines such as Sky and Telescope and Astronomy Magazine are published monthly and are devoted exclusively to astronomy news, whil


The pursuit and study of astronomy as a science can be difficult at times, but the degree of difficulty is subjective to different individuals. Advancing through astronomical studies leads to questions and problems of greater difficulty.


Some good sources for astronomy news include ScienceDaily and Space.com. As of 2015, both of these websites offer recent articles concerning space and astronomy to read for free.


As of 2015, some online math and astronomy games for children include "Astronomy Hangman" and "Pumpkin Multiples." Along with "Astronomy Hangman," KidsAstronomy.com offers additional astronomy games to play for free online, including a sliding puzzle, memory game and crossword puzzle.


Careers in astronomy include researcher, professor or group leader in a university astronomy department or government agency. Astronomers sometimes work in related areas, including other fields of research, business, public relations and education. Most professional astronomers are university facult