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Astrology Calendar. As your portal to the stars, this calendar provides all the major astrological aspects this year. Highlighting every time each star changes signs, as well as every planet moving in and out of retrograde, this astrology calendar is the most comprehensive overview you'll find online.


Astro Calendar 2019, Astrological Calendar, Online Astrology. Annual astro summary of astrological events in the Year 2019 - Seek and meet people born on the same date as you. AstroSeek, Free Horoscopes and charts 2020 Astro-Seek.com


Calendar Events and Deadlines Inclusion of events & deadlines on the AAS Calendar is for viewer information only and does not imply endorsement by the American Astronomical Society.


2019 Calendar of Astronomical Events: January - June : July - December : Date EST Event (h:m) Jan 01 16:50 Venus 1.3°S of Moon 02 00 Saturn in Conjunction with Sun 03 00 Earth at Perihelion: 0.98330 AU 03 02:37 Jupiter 3.1°S of Moon 03 21 Quadrantid Meteor Shower 05 20:28 NEW MOON 05 20:41 Partial Solar Eclipse; mag=0.715 06 00 Venus at Greatest Elong: 47.0°W 06 19:08 Moon at Descending ...


This is also the last supermoon for 2019. The Moon will be at its closest approach to the Earth and may look slightly larger and brighter than usual. April April is International Astronomy month! ???? Fri, Apr 5 | New Moon: The first phase of the lunar calendar, new moons occur when the Sun and the Moon are aligned.


The Sky & Telescope 2019 Observing Calendar provides a complete celestial calendar for the year, with important observing events like conjunctions and occultations highlighted each month.. Every month offers a stunning image of a deep-sky object — nebulae, galaxies, star clusters — or a unique view of part of our own solar system.


For more details on when and how to experience these astronomical events, read on: January. Quadrantids Meteor Shower January 3-4, 2019. Article continues below advertisement. Last minute travelers can enjoy the first meteor shower of the year when it peaks the night of January 3 into the early morning hours of January 4, 2019.


Sometimes, by astronomical coincidence, the two events occur on the same night. ... It’s the third and final visible supermoon of 2019. ... Does the calendar work with Android devices?


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Astronomical data, shows when various moon phases will occur