The purpose of a space suit is to keep astronauts alive in outer space, as the extreme temperatures and lack of an atmosphere mean instant death for a human. Astronauts also wear suits inside the spacecraft sometimes in ... More »

The spacesuit used by NASA separates into two parts, allowing an astronaut to don the legs before climbing into the upper torso module that contains the life-support gear. Before climbing in, however, the astronaut must ... More » Science Astronomy Space Travel

The methods astronauts use to breathe in space depends on the mission, but they usually use either electrolysis of water or pressurized oxygen from tanks that is pumped into the atmosphere. Space suits and the interior o... More »

The survival needs of astronauts in space depend on the amount of time in question, but for standard, short missions, they require protection against the frigid temperatures and protection from solar glare and the vacuum... More »

Astronauts wear space suits, flight suits, maximum-absorbency garments and helmets. They typically wear blue flight suits and tennis shoes during training, and they also wear the flight suits while flying NASA T-38 jets. More »

As of September 2009, 505 astronauts from 38 different countries had been active participants in manned space flights. This data is sourced from The Astronautic Records Commission of the Fédération Aéronautique Internati... More »

According to LiveScience, as of 2014, 18 astronauts have died during launches or re-entry from space, but none have been lost outside of the Earth's atmosphere. Additionally, three astronauts died in the Apollo 1 fire wh... More »