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As of 2016, Assurant offers employer-paid and employee-paid term life and accidental death and dismemberment group life insurance plans, according to Assurant. Employers' plan choices cover groups of three or more employees. Coverage options are in flat amounts, multiples of earnings, or both. Under


Assurant Health offers a lists of approved providers for each state at AssurantHealth.com, according to the company's website. Members can view providers by selecting Current Customers on the site's home page, and then choosing Find Doctors and selecting a state.


According to Insure, a vehicle can be insured under the name of a person who is not the owner of the vehicle. The insurance process becomes difficult when the insurance policyholder is not a title holder and does not reside with the owner of the vehicle.


Find information and ratings for the best vehicle insurance companies online by visiting the Consumer Affairs website and sorting the reviews of auto insurance companies by "best rated." The site, ConsumerAffairs.com, lists the highest-rated auto insurance companies in groups of 10 per page.


To cancel an Assurant renters insurance policy, submit a request online, or call 888-260-7736 to seek assistance from live phone agents, instructs the website. The email form allows customers to make a claim, ask about claims and policies, or update, cancel or renew their renters insurance.


Information available on the Assurance website includes descriptions of insurance benefits for employees and financial services for the industries that this company services, according to Assurance. There is also a client portal for making policy changes, accessing resource information and reporting


Most states require drivers to submit proof of insurance in order to register a vehicle. Verification or proof of insurance in the form of an insurance proof card is generally acceptable. Some states may allow for the car to be registered and proof of insurance provided later.


Drivers with insurance through companies that allow online account management, such as Farmers, can log in and click on the policy number for the option to print a copy of their vehicle insurance cards, according to the Farmers website. Customers can also make changes to their policies and billing p


Assurant Health customers have access to the Aetna Signature Administrators PPO Network of health care providers, negotiated discounts from heath care providers across the United States, in-home health care services and access to durable medical equipment as part of their health insurance plans, acc


Salvage vehicle insurance is an insurance policy that covers a car that was previously totaled in an accident and given a salvage title, according to DMV.org. These vehicles are sometimes purchased by new owners and made road-worthy again, requiring the owner to get insurance coverage before driving