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As of 2016, Assurant offers employer-paid and employee-paid term life and accidental death and dismemberment group life insurance plans, according to Assurant. Employers' plan choices cover groups of three or more employees. Coverage options are in flat amounts, multiples of earnings, or both. Under


To cancel an Assurant renters insurance policy, submit a request online, or call 888-260-7736 to seek assistance from live phone agents, instructs the website. The email form allows customers to make a claim, ask about claims and policies, or update, cancel or renew their renters insurance.


Most insurance providers and Medicare Part B cover hospital bed rentals as long as the patient's doctor prescribes the equipment. Most policies consider hospital beds as durable equipment. The company often expects the patient to pay any co-pays and may cap what it is willing to pay for the equipmen


RV rental insurance policies provide liability, collision and comprehensive insurance coverage, notes Insure.com. They also offer coverage for losses incurred through theft, vandalism and natural disasters. A comprehensive RV rental policy should cover medical payments and personal injury costs. As


Assurant Health offers a lists of approved providers for each state at AssurantHealth.com, according to the company's website. Members can view providers by selecting Current Customers on the site's home page, and then choosing Find Doctors and selecting a state.


Most rental applications include a section for the names and phone numbers of each person applying to rent the property, along with spaces for employment details and past rental history. Some applications also ask for personal references or for Social Security numbers in order to run background and


Anyone can access rental listings from real estate websites such as Zillow.com and Realtor.com. However, the most popular real estate listing publication, the Multiple Listing Service, only allows limited information to people who are not licensed real estate agents or mortgage brokers.


A mobile home rental is a situation in which one person pays a fee to the owner of a mobile home to live in it for a period of time. Mobile homes often sit stationary, though some are on wheels, allowing the owner to transport the home elsewhere.


Information available on the Assurance website includes descriptions of insurance benefits for employees and financial services for the industries that this company services, according to Assurance. There is also a client portal for making policy changes, accessing resource information and reporting


Net rental income refers to the amount of income received from tenants, minus the expenses incurred on the ownership of rented property. It is generally included within the umbrella term, net investment income, which comprises income derived from royalties, dividends and interest, as well as passive