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You can compare car insurance prices by the amount of liability coverage provided, cost of the deductibles, whether the policies include uninsured and under-insured motorist coverage, and whether the price includes discounts, according to Allstate. It's best that motorists get quotes from at least t


Some cars in group 1 of the Group Rating Panel from the Motor Insurance Repair Research Centre are the Kia Rio, Chevrolet Spark and Hyundai i10, according to uSwitch.com, a comparison website. Insurance companies in the U.K. reference the Group Rating Panel to determine insurance costs for vehicles,


When a driver does not own a car but needs to insure it, one option is to buy a non-owner's car insurance policy. If the person insuring the car lives in the same household as the owner, another option is to list the owner as a driver on the policy.


The main benefits of having car insurance include financial protection from costs associated with accidents and lawsuits, and assistance from the insurance provider in finding a reliable repair shop in the event of an accident, reports Esurance. Depending on the coverages, car insurance also pays fo


When searching for car insurance, drivers should call several companies to ask for estimates, as prices vary greatly from one company to another, advises Fox Business. Considerations in saving on auto insurance premiums include maintaining good credit, having a clean driving record, participating in


Some of the most common things included in a car insurance form are the personal auto policy, declaration page, privacy notice, and state and federal notices, according to DMV.org. The personal auto policy form lists exactly what is covered in the contract between the driver and the insurance agency


TheZebra.com and Compare.com offer tools that allow people to compare auto insurance policies, notes Forbes. TheZebra.com offers estimates of insurance policy costs, while Compare.com offers price quotes from insurance carriers. People comparing insurance policies should visit more than one website


When a customer pays a monthly premium to activate a new policy, rather than giving the provider a large payment for several months of prepaid coverage, that customer is enrolled in a policy without a down payment. Insurance companies set their own guidelines for down payments.


Car insurance policies with multiple car discounts, yearly terms, group discounts, lower levels of coverage, and those that combine different types of insurance are cheaper than standard policies, notes About.com. Car insurance policies are also cheaper if their cost is based on driving quality, whi


Get cheap car insurance by maintaining a good credit rating and comparing offers from insurers to find a suitable deal. Snag available discounts from insurers, and consider dropping certain coverage on older cars since they raise the cost of insurance, according to Bankrate. Investigate insurance fi