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Assurance Wireless is a mobile carrier that is part of a government benefit program that enables low-income consumers to obtain a free cellphone, among other services. The Federal Communications Commission's Lifeline Assistance program is not available to everyone who falls in this category. It is o


Assurance Wireless phones are free cell phones, serviced by Virgin Mobile that are issued to people who qualify based upon need. The phone service is billed at a discounted monthly rate through the Federal Lifeline program initiated in 1995.


Assurance Wireless minutes are available by purchasing a Virgin Mobile Top-Up card. Customers can also purchase Top-Up minutes online through the Virgin Mobile website using a credit card, debit card or a PayPal account.


To sign up for Assurance Wireless, a person must qualify for the program based on federal- or state-specific standards. The program is only available for one wireless or one home phone line per household. Qualifications vary by state, so to determine eligibility, a person must first check the requir


Assurance Wellness is part of a government program affiliated with Virgin Mobile that provides free cellphones for eligible customers. In addition to receiving phones, the program participants also get to choose a phone plan, such as 500 free minutes each month for the first 4 months and unlimited f


Application for Assurance Wireless can be done through the five-step application portal available on its website. This government subsidized phone service is available in select locations, so the first step is to enter a street address, apartment number and ZIP code to determine whether service is a


Customers are required to complete an application to set up an account with Assurance Wireless. Fill out the application online, print and send the application to Assurance Wireless, or call the program and request an application by mail.


New Virgin Mobile customers can apply at the Assurance Wireless website to participate in the program, which is designed for people who meet federal or state eligibility requirements. Approved customers receive a free phone and a certain number of minutes for phone calls each month, notes the Assura


It is easy to add minutes to an Assurance Wireless plan. A user can purchase Virgin Mobile Top-Up cards, which are sold at thousands of locations nationwide. Additionally, a user can purchase minutes through credit, debit and PayPal accounts.


In its FAQ section, Assurance Wireless lists that it replaces phones that are reported as lost or stolen. The original phone service is suspended, a replacement phone is shipped at low or no cost, and service is reestablished on the new phone once it has arrived.