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The phone number for Verizon Wireless customer service is 1(800) 922-0204 for customers who have a Verizon Wireless subscription plan. For those with prepaid phones, the customer service number is 1(888) 294-6804.


Assurance Wellness is part of a government program affiliated with Virgin Mobile that provides free cellphones for eligible customers. In addition to receiving phones, the program participants also get to choose a phone plan, such as 500 free minutes each month for the first 4 months and unlimited f


Assurance Wireless is a mobile carrier that is part of a government benefit program that enables low-income consumers to obtain a free cellphone, among other services. The Federal Communications Commission's Lifeline Assistance program is not available to everyone who falls in this category. It is o


Apply for service with Verizon Wireless by going to the company's website and searching for an appropriate plan or contract under the Plans and Services section. Alternately, use the company's Store Locator page to locate a retail location and sign up in person.


Verizon Wireless offers phone, device, billing, plan and other support services through the Support page of its official website, VerizonWireless.com. The site also includes a store locator tool and links to community forums in which users share information about Verizon's products and services. In-


J.D. Power and Associates ranked Verizon Wireless as the highest-quality customer service provider for the fourth consecutive time in 2013. The company scored highly in the areas of phone calls through an automatic response system and calls direct to customer service representatives. J.D. Power and


Customers of Verizon Wireless can access individual accounts and pay balances through the "My Verizon" section of the Verizon website. Other third-party providers like Evolve Money or CenturyLink also have payment options through their sites.


Assurance Wireless phones are free cell phones, serviced by Virgin Mobile that are issued to people who qualify based upon need. The phone service is billed at a discounted monthly rate through the Federal Lifeline program initiated in 1995.


Contact Verizon customer service by phone at 1-800-VERIZON (1-800-837-4966) or via chat on the Verizon website, as of 2015. Verizon also publishes its mailing address on its website and receives written correspondence and payments at the address, according to Verizon.


Verizon Wireless offers customer service at its physical stores, through social media accounts and over the phone. In addition, the telecom's official website lets subscribers sign up for an account to gain access to customer support through live chat and the community forum.