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Insurance company reviews can be found through Reviews.com, U.S. Insurance Agents, ConsumerAffairs and ConsumerReports.org. These websites offer various customer and industry expert reviews of insurance options, descriptions of insurance package features, custom ratings, tips about getting insurance


Complaints, the types of ratings systems being used and which aspects of the company are being reviewed are among the numerous factors to consider when reading insurance company reviews, Life Happens reports. In addition to user reviews, some agencies provide reports about the financial health of in


As of 2016, Assurant offers employer-paid and employee-paid term life and accidental death and dismemberment group life insurance plans, according to Assurant. Employers' plan choices cover groups of three or more employees. Coverage options are in flat amounts, multiples of earnings, or both. Under


Free medical insurance is granted to those who satisfy the eligibility criteria set by Medicaid, and these criteria include preset requirements for income, residency and immigration status and documentation of U.S. citizenship. Medicaid is a health care program of the United States government that p


Medical insurance for most people can be obtained through the health insurance marketplace run by each individual state, through a health insurance broker or directly from an insurance provider, states ObamaCareFacts.com. The health insurance marketplaces are mandated by the Affordable Care Act.


Assurant Health offers a lists of approved providers for each state at AssurantHealth.com, according to the company's website. Members can view providers by selecting Current Customers on the site's home page, and then choosing Find Doctors and selecting a state.


Homeowners should review their insurance annually, paying attention to factors including changes in the property's value, any remodeling or additions to the property, and changes to landscaping or other outdoor features, as Allstate explains. Valuable items kept within the home may also trigger a ne


"Do I really have to buy health insurance?" and questions regarding the differences between deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance are common medical insurance questions. Other common medical insurance questions relate to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, according to Bankrate.


Insurance providers sometimes have places on their websites where users can post and read reviews of their specific products, as shown on the GEICO website. Users can also check the Better Business Bureau website to get a more comprehensive picture of reviews and issues with the company.


Everyone qualifies for medical insurance. Under the health care reform laws that took effect in 2014, plans such as government-sponsored (Medicare or Medicaid) or private health care plans purchased through the Health Insurance Marketplace cannot deny coverage to people with pre-existing conditions