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As of 2016, Assurant offers employer-paid and employee-paid term life and accidental death and dismemberment group life insurance plans, according to Assurant. Employers' plan choices cover groups of three or more employees. Coverage options are in flat amounts, multiples of earnings, or both. Under


Assurant Health offers a lists of approved providers for each state at AssurantHealth.com, according to the company's website. Members can view providers by selecting Current Customers on the site's home page, and then choosing Find Doctors and selecting a state.


To cancel an Assurant renters insurance policy, submit a request online, or call 888-260-7736 to seek assistance from live phone agents, instructs the website. The email form allows customers to make a claim, ask about claims and policies, or update, cancel or renew their renters insurance.


Assurance Wireless is a mobile carrier that is part of a government benefit program that enables low-income consumers to obtain a free cellphone, among other services. The Federal Communications Commission's Lifeline Assistance program is not available to everyone who falls in this category. It is o


A letter of assurance is used in a business setting to ensure the individual who receives the letter of something specific from the letter writer. An example of this would be a business selling something to another business, when the seller provides a letter of assurance for the item's condition.


As part of the application process for Assurance, an organization should have key individuals complete OHRP's online training. To begin the training modules, the individual can go onto OHRP's home page, and under "Human Subject Assurance" choose training, then select the module with which he wishes


The Assurance phone program provides free cell phones to eligible individuals. Individuals qualify based on federal or state-specific criteria. Each month, customers receive free minutes and free text messaging.


Information available on the Assurance website includes descriptions of insurance benefits for employees and financial services for the industries that this company services, according to Assurance. There is also a client portal for making policy changes, accessing resource information and reporting


New Virgin Mobile customers can apply at the Assurance Wireless website to participate in the program, which is designed for people who meet federal or state eligibility requirements. Approved customers receive a free phone and a certain number of minutes for phone calls each month, notes the Assura


Assurance Wireless provides an online application for those seeking free government cellular phones on its website, AssuranceWireless.com. Applicants must provide some personal information and meet certain criteria to be eligible for the service.