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To certify an Assurance Wireless service, the customer needs to visit the company website and click the Annual Certification link at the right side of the page. Customer data such as home address, date of birth, social security number and the Assurance Wireless phone number must be provided.


Assurance Wireless does not offer cell phone plans because it is a federal Lifeline Assistance program run by Virgin Mobile. Assurance Wellness customers do not have seasonal contracts or activation charges. New customers have to apply to join the program and can submit their applications online.


Assurance Wireless phone upgrade options include unlimited talk and data for $30 a month or 250 additional voice minutes for $5 a month, as of 2015. Customers receive free unlimited texts and 250 voice minutes each month prior to any upgrades.


Customers must participate in certification for their wireless service on an annual basis, according to Assurance Wireless. This confirms the customer's eligibility to participate in the Lifeline Assistance program offered by the federal government. The certification can be done online, via phone, b


Adding money and upgrading an Assurance Wireless phone plan can be done using the online portal or through the automated phone service. Users can also add money to their accounts using a Virgin Mobile Top-Up card, as Assurance is a government-subsidized subsidiary of Virgin Mobile.


Assurance Wireless provides free cellular phones to certain low-income customers under the federal Lifeline Assistance program. The exact criteria to qualify for the program varies by state, but individuals are generally eligible if they receive some other form of public assistance or have household


The eligibility requirements for Assurance Wireless vary by state. The Assurance Wireless website provides information about the requirements in each state. If a state is not included on the list, then Assurance Wireless is not available in that state.


Information available on the Assurance website includes descriptions of insurance benefits for employees and financial services for the industries that this company services, according to Assurance. There is also a client portal for making policy changes, accessing resource information and reporting


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