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How do I activate my Assurance Wireless service? If you were mailed an Android™ Smartphone: Press and hold the Power Button to turn on your phone. Allow hands-free activation to connect the phone to our network and then allow the phone to check for any updates. The phone will power off.


Assurance Wireless often provides the Lifeline Assistance service to only one wireline or wireless account per household. So, don’t bother looking for reasons your application was declined if your brother is already using the service. If your application is approved, nonetheless, as a new Assurance Wireless customer you get to enjoy FREE:


Assurance Wireless Service CallFlow. Coverage Check - within 4 states. Find ESN. ESN Look Up. Tips To Probing. Siebel Focal Points. Manual Hard Phone Login. Training - AW Survey. Training Department. Real World Wave 6D Service - Guidelines. TRAINING - Lost Hours (Service) Siebel Billing Exercise.


The assurance wireless smartphones have lovely software functionality. These phones can perform all the essential functions that are familiar to the new generation of people. With assurance wireless, subscribers to this service are provided with assurance wireless smartphones with top-notch services that have broad network coverage nationwide.


The one-year warranty on Assurance Wireless phones is provided by the original equipment manufacturer, although users should contact Assurance Wireless customer support service in this case as well. As of April 2015, the Customer Service number for Assurance Wireless as listed on their website is: 1-888-321-5880.


Access Wireless is a service provider for the government-funded Lifeline Assistance program. Lifeline service is provided by i-wireless LLC, d/b/a Access Wireless, an eligible telecommunications carrier. Lifeline service is non-transferable. Only one Lifeline discount, consisting of either wireline or wireless service, can be received per ...


Although Assurance Wireless is offered for free, customers also have the option to add additional minutes or features to their monthly plan for an additional fee. Checking your Assurance Wireless balance is quick if you are already a registered customer and it is possible within a few minutes online.


Just turn it off and leave it off. After 30 days without calls the service will be cancelled. Or call them. Here's the number


I went to Boost for help with my Assurance Wireless phone today because Assurance said I needed to get tech support from them since my question couldn't be answered by tech over the phone. While there I enquired about having my phone number of over 20 years ported to Boost if I signed up with them.


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