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Calling Assurance Wireless customer service is the most recommended method of contacting them and getting your account recertified. The reason is that it is fast and effective. Moreover, you can check your account status online while you are on the phone with the customer service agent to ensure that the change has been taken effect. If it has ...


Important Service/Product Specific Terms Effective February 1, 2018 Messaging: For Assurance Wireless regular non-Lifeline service, message rates are charged when a message is sent or received, whether read or unread, viewed or unviewed, solicited or unsolicited. Premium and international messages may result in additional charges for both Lifeline and non-Lifeline service.


This takes about 10 minutes and you will be notified of your success/denial immediately. You may also mail in your paper recertification form to the Lifeline Support Center: PO Box 7081, London, KY 40742 or use the online web process at checklifeline.org. Please note that individuals who complete a paper application do not receive a ...


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The cell phone will arrive by mail and Assurance Wireless will not ship the cell phone to a post office box. Lastly, only one Lifeline Assistance phone is allowed per household. So if you already have Lifeline Assistance subsidized phone service (land line or cell phone) you can not qualify for Assurance Wireless.


Assurance Wireless online application is the starting point to start out as a customer of the country donated not to mention budget friendly network service with Life-Line and also Link-up support programs. You may find actually several government-assisted cell telephone service vendors that equally have prepaid regular cell phone plans available to lots of people.


Assurance Wireless often provides the Lifeline Assistance service to only one wireline or wireless account per household. So, don’t bother looking for reasons your application was declined if your brother is already using the service. If your application is approved, nonetheless, as a new Assurance Wireless customer you get to enjoy FREE:


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Assurance Wireless is extremely popular among the Lifeline offering providers. They operate in many states and offer great plans with a lot of free minutes and data. Moreover, Assurance Wireless also offers FREE phones. Since those FREE phones are rather basic and often not able to completely satisfy the client’s needs, many decide to upgrade […]


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