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In its FAQ section, Assurance Wireless lists that it replaces phones that are reported as lost or stolen. The original phone service is suspended, a replacement phone is shipped at low or no cost, and service is reestablished on the new phone once it has arrived.


Assurance Wireless phone upgrade options include unlimited talk and data for $30 a month or 250 additional voice minutes for $5 a month, as of 2015. Customers receive free unlimited texts and 250 voice minutes each month prior to any upgrades.


Assurance Wireless does not offer cell phone plans because it is a federal Lifeline Assistance program run by Virgin Mobile. Assurance Wellness customers do not have seasonal contracts or activation charges. New customers have to apply to join the program and can submit their applications online.


Adding money and upgrading an Assurance Wireless phone plan can be done using the online portal or through the automated phone service. Users can also add money to their accounts using a Virgin Mobile Top-Up card, as Assurance is a government-subsidized subsidiary of Virgin Mobile.


Customers must participate in certification for their wireless service on an annual basis, according to Assurance Wireless. This confirms the customer's eligibility to participate in the Lifeline Assistance program offered by the federal government. The certification can be done online, via phone, b


Assurance Wireless provides free cellular phones to certain low-income customers under the federal Lifeline Assistance program. The exact criteria to qualify for the program varies by state, but individuals are generally eligible if they receive some other form of public assistance or have household


Assurance Wireless provides an online application for those seeking free government cellular phones on its website, AssuranceWireless.com. Applicants must provide some personal information and meet certain criteria to be eligible for the service.


AT&T provides customer support for wireless devices on the AT&T website. Users can access technical support for their specific wireless devices, manage their accounts and billing, inquire about features and upgrades, read about the most commonly asked questions and declare lost or stolen devices.


As part of the application process for Assurance, an organization should have key individuals complete OHRP's online training. To begin the training modules, the individual can go onto OHRP's home page, and under "Human Subject Assurance" choose training, then select the module with which he wishes


The eligibility requirements for Assurance Wireless vary by state. The Assurance Wireless website provides information about the requirements in each state. If a state is not included on the list, then Assurance Wireless is not available in that state.