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Invitations for applications for insurance on assurance.com are made through Assurance IQ, LLC, only where licensed and appointed. Assurance’s license information can be found here. Assurance IQ is a licensed representative of Medicare Advantage HMO, PPO and PPFS organizations and prescription drug plans with a Medicare contract.


A home insurance policy is a good investment because it protects both your home and the people living in it! It gives you peace of mind when things are going well, and it makes sure you’ll have the help and support you need if something does go wrong. The best option that you could make regarding home insurance is to go with Quantum. Quantum ...


Assurant is the holding company for various underwriting entities that provide renters insurance. In all states, except Georgia and Minnesota, Renters Insurance and Residents Liability Insurance are underwritten by American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida with its home office in Miami, Florida.


Assurance Home recently provided a truck, a trailer, a couple of staff and three helpful teenagers to transport a load of hay to the Jemez Pueblo people. The whole situation made everyone feel good. With so many activities off limits and social distancing in place, some of our young people and staff have rediscovered the joy of camping. ...


Assurance refers to financial coverage that provides remuneration for an event that is certain to happen. Unlike insurance, which covers hazards over a specific policy term, assurance is permanent ...


The Mutual Assurance Society Against Fire on Buildings of the State of Virginia was founded on December 22, 1794, by an act of incorporation by the Virginia General Assembly. On May 17, 1982, the members of the Society changed the name of the company to “Mutual Assurance Society of Virginia.”


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Lender-Placed Insurance. Assurant is the leading provider of lender-placed hazard insurance and outsourcing solutions. Our companies service more loans than any other company in our industry and enjoy strong, long-term relationships with many of the nation’s premier mortgage lenders and servicers. Learn more...


At Spheric Assurance, we believe it is in the best interest of business owners, senior executives and high-net-worth individuals to procure Kidnapping and Ransom Insurance, especially if you frequently visit or call Latin America home. Let Spheric Assurance keep your assets, employees and loved ones safe with the proper K and R insurance coverage.


2 Costco discount is subject to eligibility and underwriting criteria, is not available in TN, on home insurance in MI, or on auto insurance of non-Executive members in MA. 3 Roadside assistance covers up to $75 per occurrence for vehicles on the auto policy. Roadside assistance does not pay for the cost of the battery or fluids (gas, oil ...