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Aspirin helps to limit the clotting of platelets, which are the cells responsible for blocking arteries during a heart attack. If aspirin is not taken during a heart attack, arteries will narrow down and platelets will clot, causing a blockage of the arteries, thereby effectively cutting off supply


A dosage of 81 milligrams is the normal dosage for baby aspirin, according to WebMD. This dosage is often recommended for heart health in an ongoing aspirin regimen.


The recommended dosage of aspirin for pain in adults and children aged 12 and older is 325 to 650 milligrams taken at 4-hour intervals, according to Drugs.com. Children aged 2 to 11 should take between 10 and 15 milligrams. The maximum daily dosage of aspirin for adults is 4,000 milligrams.


While a veterinarian should be consulted before embarking on a course of medication for a dog, aspirin can be appropriate for dogs in some cases, reports Vetinfo. Dosage recommendations usually fall within the range of 5 to 15 milligrams per pound every 12 hours.


WalkerValleyVet.com recommends half a baby aspirin for dogs under ten pounds and one baby aspirin for dogs 10 to 30 pounds. Half a regular aspirin can be given to 30 to 50 pound dogs; one aspirin for dogs 50 to 100 pounds and two aspirins for dogs over 100 pounds.


An aspirin dosage chart can be found online on reputable sites such as Drugs.com. Alternatively, a patient can consult a doctor or the nearest health care center to get the dosage details, states Drugs.com.


Dogs under 10 pounds may be given up to 1/2 of an 81-milligram baby aspirin tablet to treat inflammation and pain, according to Walker Valley Veterinary Hospital. Dogs from 10 to 30 pounds may be safely administered a whole tablet of baby aspirin.


The recommended dose of aspirin for cats when used for pain relief is 10 milligrams per kilogram of body weight, advises the Department of Environment and Primary Industries. For feline heart disease, the recommended dose is one 81 milligram tablet twice per week, states Portland Veterinary Speciali


The standard aspirin dose for adults to lower a fever or relieve pain is between 325 milligrams and 650 milligrams. For children, the recommended dosage to alleviate pain is between 10 milligrams and 15 milligrams, explains Drugsdb.com


To treat pain, the typical recommended dosage of aspirin for an adult is 325 to 650 milligrams every four hours, according to Drugs.com. No more than 4 grams of aspirin should be taken in 24 hours. The same dosage is used to lower fevers.