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Aspirin helps to limit the clotting of platelets, which are the cells responsible for blocking arteries during a heart attack. If aspirin is not taken during a heart attack, arteries will narrow down and platelets will clot, causing a blockage of the arteries, thereby effectively cutting off supply


The main ingredient in aspirin is salicylic acid, says CNN. Salicylic acid is found in shrubs and plants, such as jasmine, peas, beans and clover along with some grasses and trees.


The most common dose of aspirin given to prevent a stroke is 81 milligrams, according to WebMD. However, some patients need to take as much as 325 milligrams of aspirin per day to prevent stroke. Doctors recommend taking aspirin only if the risk of stroke outweighs the risks of aspirin.


Dogs may be given aspirin for injuries or other short-term health issues, according to WedMD. Long-term use of aspirin by dogs is considered risky and can cause increased bleeding, which is due to its blood-thinning properties.


Dogs can be given small doses of aspirin under certain conditions and with supervision from a licensed veterinarian. Dogs do not metabolize aspirin the same way humans do and are more prone to adverse effects from the drug.


Plant extracts containing the active ingredient in aspirin have been used medicinally since at least 400 B.C., but the modern drug known as aspirin was first developed and patented by Bayer, a German pharmaceutical company. Bayer coined and trademarked the name "Aspirin."


A regular aspirin tablet contains 325 milligrams of aspirin as the active ingredient. Inactive ingredients include cornstarch, hypromellose, powdered cellulose and triacetin and may include carnauba wax, according to Drugs.com. Some manufacturers use the name acetylsalicylic acid, another name for a


Aspirin is a generic NSAID pain reliever marketed under several brand names including Bayer and Ecotrin. There are several pain relievers and cold medications which contain aspirin, including Diprin and Painaid.


Anyone of any age can prevent heart disease by adopting a healthy eating and diet plan early, according to the American Heart Association. That means choosing foods that are low in cholesterol, salt, sugar and bad fats, such as saturated fats and trans fats. Eating a wide variety of fruits and veget


Low-dose aspirin therapy helps prevent strokes by changing the blood's clotting system; aspirin acts as a blood thinner, helping reduce the chances of blood accumulating in arteries and the bloodstream, which prevents formation of potentially dangerous blood clots, as stated by Mayo Clinic. Low-dose