Ask Jeeves was the original name of, an early search engine. When it launched, the website featured a cartoon butler named Jeeves and attempted to answer questions in addition to providing search results. More » Technology Internet & Networking, which was founded as Ask Jeeves in 1996, delivers answers to medical questions as well as queries covering a wide range of topics. Aside from answering user questions, it works as a search engine site that allow... More » Technology Internet & Networking

Answers to medical questions on Ask Jeeves are available under the Health category. Ask Jeeves, now known as, provides millions of users across with responses to questions on different topics. More »

Ask Jeeves, also known as, is a freely accessible search engine that is famous for focusing on question-and-answer related searches. Jeeves, the site mascot, is based on the fictional character in P.G. Wodehouse'... More » Technology Internet & Networking

Search tips for, which was originally known as Ask Jeeves, include using the search engine's shortcuts and smart answer features. accepts searches that consist of a single word, multiple words or question... More » Technology Internet & Networking

Presently known as, Ask Jeeves is a question answering search engine that allows users to ask questions and get answers. Users can also search for the answer to a particular question through This search ... More » Technology Internet & Networking

In terms of optimizing a website for search engine visibility, the domain name is an important part of a URL. When people search for keywords, search engines retrieve results based on matching keywords that appear in dom... More » Technology Internet & Networking