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Astronomical dates refer to days on which a celestial event occurs, such as a meteor shower or full moon. Astrological signs, on the other hand, indicate the position of the sun on one's birthday.


An astronomical unit, or AU, and a light-year are two separate measurements that are used for different distances in space. According to the University of Nebraska, an AU is the smallest distance used to measure distances in space, and the light year is the standard measurement for interstellar dist


The astronomical telescope is a central apparatus used to study distant planets, stars and moons from the Earth. Astronomer Galileo Galilei famously used the earliest telescopes in 1610 to prove the heliocentric solar system theory put forth by Nicolaus Copernicus in the early 16th century.


Astronomers use light years to measure distances in space because space is so massive and distances so far that conventional numbering is inadequate and unmanageable. One light year is a distance measurement equivalent to six trillion miles.


To predict planetary alignment, astronomers use the angular speeds of travel around the sun of different planets. Alignment occurs when any of the planets is in a direct line with the Earth and the Sun.


Astronomers suspected another planet beyond Uranus when it was noted that Uranus was being slightly pulled out of orbit at points. This led to speculation that gravity from another planet was causing the pull.


The 1994 impact of comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 on Jupiter was important to scientists for two main reasons. First, the force of the impact drove material from deep within Jupiter to its visible surface, giving chemists and meteorologists an unprecedented look at the planet's chemistry. Second, the impact


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What Is an Astronomer's Job Environment?. Astronomers study the universe -- the stars, planets and galaxies that exist beyond Earth. Often highly educated, most astronomers require a doctorate to qualify for jobs, as this is a select group of scientists. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 2