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Asiatic lions live only in the Indian state of Gujarat, where five sanctuaries have been created to protect them. They once had a much wider range which extended from Greece in the west to the Indian state of Bengal in the east.


Adult Asiatic lions are apex predators and have no natural enemies. The 300 surviving lions in the Gir Forest of India are threatened by poaching, lack of suitable habitat and disease.


An Asiatic cheetah's diet wholly consists of meat since this feline is a carnivore like its African counterpart. It preys on gazelles, wild goats, sheep and hare in the arid region of Iran, the Kavir Desert. Sometimes it also hunts domestic livestock because of food scarcity.


Care for Asiatic lilies by ensuring they get enough sunlight, using well-drained soil, adding mulch, watering them regularly, deadheading the blooms and winterizing the plants. You need compost, fertilizer, mulch, water and pruning scissors.


The Asiatic lion is endangered largely because of hunting by humans after firearms became widespread. While the subspecies once ranged through Europe, the Middle East and India, it now only occupies a relatively small area of dry deciduous forest in Western India. Its numbers are slowly recovering,


The Asiatic lion, like its African relative, is an apex predator and has no enemies aside from man. The Asiatic lion is endangered and exists as a single population within the Gir National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary of Gujarat, India, although its previous territory covered much of Asia.


See the difference between Asiatic and Oriental lilies by comparing their size, leaf shape, bloom time and how their earliest shoots appear in spring. Size is probably the easiest way to compare the two types of lilies, as Oriental lilies grow up to 2 feet taller than Asiatic lilies.


The size of an elephant depends on the elephant's age, gender and type; the largest elephant was an adult male African elephant who weighed approximately 24,000 pounds and stood 13 feet tall at the shoulder. Most African elephants stand from 8.2 to 13 feet tall at the shoulder.


Depending on the species, elephants are found naturally in Africa and Asia. African elephants are found in most parts of Africa, while Asian elephants are mostly found in the tropical forests in Asia, such as in India, Thailand and Indonesia.


Elephants are gray in color and have a long trunk that has several uses, including breathing and feeding. They are the largest land mammals on Earth.