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Asia is made up of 48 countries that are all members of the United Nations. A further 12 Asian countries are not members of the United Nations, six of which are dependent territories.


WorldAtlas.com provides users with an accurate map of Europe. The map uses different colors to show different countries and the country names are easy to read.


Maps detailing each African country are available on the Internet through InfoPlease.com, WorldAtlas.com and NationsOnline.org. Each source provides detailed plots of each of the 54 sovereign countries and three territories, along with a variety of background informatio...


Indians, as in people from India, are considered Asian because their homeland is in Asia; Native Americans, sometimes called "Indians" for historical reasons, are not considered Asian. India is located on a peninsula in southern Asian, bound by the Himalayas to the nort...


The Equator passes through the Asian country of Indonesia. Indonesia is located in Southeastern Asia between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. It is an archipelago consisting of over 13,000 inhabited islands.


Asian cuisine shows great variation, with people in the southwest nations including Sri Lanka and Burma eating different foods than those in China, Korea or Japan. Asian-Nation divides Asian cuisine into three distinct cultures: the southwest Indian style that emphasize...


WorldAtlas features a political map that shows continents, countries and territories along with the location of some major cities and governmental boundaries demarcating states within countries. Maps of World has a map that features the agreed-upon boundaries of all 193...