Current/natural hair color is an important factor when dyeing hair ash blonde. Unless transitioning from natural blonde, apply a hair stripper prior to dyeing to prevent hair from turning gray or orange. Do a strand test... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Hair Color

The Schwarzkopf hair color chart is based on matching skin tone and features with your ideal "color type." There are four color types: Spring, Summer, Winter and Autumn. Each complexion type has distinct attributes and c... More »

A hair dye color chart is used to select either an entirely new hair color or to subtly change an existing color to a few shades darker or lighter. The color chart also helps to select good combination colors for highlig... More »

When coloring hair that is more than 25 percent gray, choose a permanent hair color with neutral, red or gold undertones, and leave it on for the entire length of time defined in the instructions. Semi- or demi- permanen... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Hair Color

Before attempting to use a home hair color kit, read the instructions thoroughly, noting how the hair color is mixed, whether or not the color requires an allergy test prior to application, how long to leave the color on... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Hair Color

Ash blonde is a hair color that contains cool undertones such as blue, violet or purple. Different from brassy or golden blonde, it lacks yellow or red undertones. More »

Ombre hair is a hair color that is usually a darker shade from the roots through to the mid shaft and gradually fades to a lighter color from the mid shaft to the ends. The word "ombre" is of French origin and means "to ... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Hair Color