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Having never developed one, we don’t know. But for starters; a fetus would not have the advantage of antibodies transferred from its mother until it started breastfeeding. Also, vaginal flora likely contribute to the health of an infant. There are...


I don't know whether many of you know the concept behind artificial wombs or if such a concept existed (theoretical), but nevertheless: I shall present background information and pros and cons. Please add more background information if you feel I am missing something.


Bernard – your point about there being some benefits to partners/families of being able to watch a child grow in the mother’s womb is a good one and these benefits should be considered when we are weighing the pros and cons of artificial wombs.


What are the pros and cons of an artificial womb and how it would affect society, religion, parenthood, human rights, gender relations, equality. etc?


Ectogenesis is the process of removing a fetus from a mother and placing it into an artificial womb. This artificial womb will nourish and protect the baby, much like the body of a mother; in cases of rape, incest, and abusive relationships, the mother would not have to abort the fetus, and rather place it into this artificial womb.


A fetus lives in a world of bubbles. In its earliest days, it's shaped like one. Later, it floats in one-the squishy, enveloping amniotic sac. And eventually, if all goes well, the fetus releases ...


Artificial insemination as a whole might provide good and positive results to other while some fail to get the desired result. It is very essential to weigh in the pros and cons of artificial insemination prior to deciding to undergo this method.


Why Not Artificial Wombs? Christine Rosen. On the meaning of being born, not incubated. I n 1924, the British scientist J. B. S. Haldane coined the term “ectogenesis” to describe how human pregnancy would one day give way to artificial wombs. “It was in 1951 that Dupont and Schwarz produced the first ectogenetic child,” Haldane wrote, imagining how an earnest college student of the ...


And there is a case for an artificial womb being a better option than a woman’s. Women – even young women – without wombs (some from birth, others as a result of disease) are no small ...


What Do Artificial Wombs Mean for Women? Feb 23, 2012, 8:11am Soraya Chemaly. Would you chose external gestation if you could? What do artificial wombs mean for reproductive rights - including abortion, equality and the role of women in society? The moral, ethical, legal and societal consequences are profound and we are unprepared for them.