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Arthropods (2 hours) 1. Defines “Arthropod’’ 1.1 Lists the arthropod classification. 2. Lists the clinical tables related with arthropods 2.1. Defines the cklinical importance of arthropodsi Lists the prevention methods from arthropods Lists the laboratory diagnostic methods.


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12. Arthropods of Medical Importance - Download as Powerpoint Presentation (.ppt), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or view presentation slides online. medical importance of anthropods


Download Arthropods of medical importance PPT for free. Arthropods of medical importance Powerpoint Presentation . Presentation Title: Arthropods of medical importance. Presentation Summary : intermediate host in the life cycle of several human parasites, including. Dracunculus medinensis ...


Describe some of the main vectors of medical and veterinary importance the diseases they ... dimidiata is the most important. 26 Parasitic arthropods - flies. Family Glossinidae, genus Glossina - the tsetse ... The PowerPoint PPT presentation: "Parasitic arthropods II" is the property of its rightful owner.


Medical Entomology. MEDICAL IMPORTANCE OF ARTHROPODS. 1)As aetiologic agents (causes) of diseases. Tissue damage Induction of hypersensitivity reactions. Injection of poisons Entomophobia (acarophobia) 2) As vectors of diseases: Slideshow 1064395 by orleans


Zoology – Arthropod Unit PPT. Presentation Summary : Zoology – Arthropod Unit. Chapter 18 Arthropods. Chapter 19 Crustaceans. Chap.20 Terrestrial Arthropods ... Arthropods of medical importance PPT. Presentation Summary : intermediate host in the life cycle of several human parasites, including. Dracunculus medinensis ...


Medically important arthropods 1. ssification of Medically Important Arthropo Class Insecta Class Other Arachnida Classes Lice (blood) Fleas (blood) Bugs (blood) Flies –except 1 (blood) Mosquitoes (blood) Head louse Oriental/tropical Bed bug Sandfly –slender long legs, erected wings on resting Pediculus humanus rat flea Cimex lectularius Phlebotomus –old world sandfly Xenopsylla cheopis ...


As far as human health is concerned, the two most important classes of arthropods are the insects (six-legged adults), and the arachnids (eight-legged adults). Of course, besides direct effects on human health, one must not lose sight of the economic consequences of infestation by certain arthropods -especially the effects of insects on crops.


medical importance of ARTHROPODS 1. • Arthropods are small invertebrate animals with jointed legs. •They have an external shell-like skeleton made of a tough, rigid material called chitin. •Their body parts and appendage segments are joined by flexible membranes which allow the various parts to move. 2.