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The best treatment for arthritis pain is either medication, therapy, surgery or a combination of multiple treatments, according to Mayo Clinic. Applying hot or cold packs can alleviate the pain associated with arthritis.


Arthritis pain in the hands can be treated with pain relief medications, splints, cortisone injections and rest, reports About.com. Additionally, specific hand exercises can help to reduce pain, explains Healthline. However, in severe cases of hand arthritis, surgery may be required to treat arthrit


Arthritis in the hand is caused by normal wear and tear as cartilage tissues naturally break down in the joints of the hands, explains Healthline. Some people are more at risk of developing arthritis in the hand if a family history of arthritis exists.


Common causes of arthritis, which usually affects the hand and wrist, include mechanical factors including joint stability, biochemical factors in the cartilage and other risk factors, such as overuse, joint infections, traumatic injuries and age, according to the Cleveland Clinic. Hereditary factor


Pain isolated to the affected joint is the main symptom of arthritis of the hand, reports Cleveland Clinic. During the initial stages of arthritis, pain wavers, and rest alleviates it, and there can also be several days or weeks without painful attacks. As arthritis progresses, the frequency of the


Some remedies for arthritis in the hands include steroid injections, hand exercises and the wearing of splints at night or when engaged in certain activities. Resting the joints is also useful for treating hand arthritis, according to WebMD. For more severe cases of hand arthritis, such as when the


Over-the-counter medications for arthritis pain relief include aspirin, acetaminophen and ibuprofen; prescriptions include the narcotics oxycodone, propoxyphene and codeine, explains MedicineNet.com. Patients are urged to consult their physician about the potential side effects stemming from each an


Although it may not be possible to completely stop arthritis within the hands, oral medications, anti-inflammatory drug injections and splinting may help reduce or alleviate pain, according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Surgery on the hands, such as joint fusions, is also an optio


Patients who suffer from arthritis in their fingers can take oral pain-relieving medication and steroid injections to reduce the pain, states Healthline. Hand exercises can help to relieve arthritis pain. Patients can also use special arthritis aids and splints to take the pressure of the painful jo


The main cause of arthritis pain is the joints rubbing against each other because of the breakdown of the cartilage between them, Mayo Clinic explains. Other symptoms are stiffness and tenderness. The joint is not as flexible as it once was, and the area may also develop bone spurs.