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As of 2014, basic training for the U.S. Army lasts for 10 weeks. Soldiers may spend a week or two prior to and following basic training for in-processing and out-processing at the basic camp training facility. The primary 10 weeks of basic training include training that focuses on leadership, direct


The American Safety Council, the National Safety Council and OSHAcademy offer safety training courses online. The courses can be accessed through their respective websites: AmericanSafetyCouncil.com, NSC.org and OSHAtrain.org.


Online safety training courses cover several critical areas, including driving, first aid and workplace safety. Each year, the United States Safety Council offers hundreds of courses and programs to help citizens, companies and professionals meet personal or legally-enforced safety standards. These


The U.S. Army Safety Program is based on four major principles: conducting on-going training that is common to both leaders and individuals, treating safety as part of everyone’s responsibilities, maintaining universally established safety planning procedures; and utilizing the after-action review p


Free safety training materials are available online from the Occupational Health and Safety Administration website, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Free training materials with a safety focus are also commonly available on state government websites, explains the Washington State Departmen


To test and train for food safety, check your local health department for any specific requirements or recommendations. Many jurisdictions throughout the United States recognize the ServSafe certification. You can purchase a ServSafe study guide, then take a test to receive certification.


Microsoft and UniversalClass.com offer classes for learning basic computer skills as of 2015. The former offers free online courses and provides a certificate upon completion. UniversalClass.com offers a basic class for $35 without a certificate and $60 for a Continuing Education Units certificate u


The easiest way to access free basic computer training is to use one of the available beginners online courses, such as Basic Skills from CTDLC.org or Computer Basics from Digital Unite. In some states, colleges and adult education institutes may also offer free courses in basic skills for local res


At the end of an Army safety briefing, commanders should highlight the common fatalities soldiers often forget and ask the soldiers if they have any questions about the safety procedures or details listed during the brief. It is important for each soldier's safety that he or she fully understands th


Good topics for office safety training sessions include falls, ergonomic injuries and workers being caught by something or struck by something, as covered by Safety and Health. Other good topics are walking while distracted and environmental tobacco smoke, as the Washington State Department of Labor