The Army's phonetic alphabet is a list of words used to identify letters in radio or telephone transmissions, beginning with Alfa for A, Bravo for B and ending with Yankee for Y and Zulu for Z. These words help to preven... More »

Since 1957, the U.S. military has used the International Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabet, more commonly known as the NATO phonetic alphabet. The code words of this phonetic alphabet are as follows: alpha, bravo, Charlie... More » Government & Politics Military

Write words in the most commonly used phonetic alphabet, the International Phonetic Alphabet, by transcribing each unique sound in a word to the corresponding symbol. As of 2015, the IPA uses 107 letters, coupled with 52... More » Education

The military alphabet is a phonetic alphabet that replaces letters with words. For example, A becomes Alpha, B is Bravo, C is Charlie and D is Delta. Each word is distinct from the other words for clarity of communicatio... More » Government & Politics Military

A list of retired U.S. Army Generals is listed at the U.S. Army Center of Military History website and on Wikipedia Commons. The military history website provides different categories, though does not list all generals. More »

There is a list of U.S. Army Military Occupation Specialties on the Army career website The website also has an interactive tool called the Army Career Explorer to help potential recruits match their qualific... More »

The easiest way to join the United States Army is to visit a recruiter at an Army recruiting office. There is also an online application form, but it is only for pre-qualification and talking to a recruiter is still requ... More » Government & Politics Military