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If you don’t find a MOS here then it’s either not in the PERSCOM MOS Smart Book – or – it’s career progressional MOS (00Z, 11Z, 21N, 63X, etc.) Reserve Component Only MOS Click on MOS Number 09 19 37 51 74 11 21 38 52 79 13 25 42 56 88 14 27 44 62 89 15 31 45 63 92 18 35* 46 68 94 * Old 96, 97 and 98 series MOS’s


SPECIAL FORCES - The close-knit team of Army Special Forces members in this MOS community train allied troops and engage the enemy in special operations direct action missions around the world usually with little publicity of their actions. They earn and wear the Green Beret after the completion of their selection and qualifications courses.


Here we’ve listed each and every Army MOS, also known as Army Jobs.Browse through the Army MOS list to find Army jobs, or search using the search box above, to find what you’re looking for.. Learning more about an Army MOS. Clicking on the Army MOS title will give you more information about it, such as its required ASVAB scores.


A list of all US Army MOS (Military Occupation Specialities) with links to detail pages for each.


Department of the Army Washington, DC 30 September 1997 Personnel Selection and Classification Military Occupational Classification Structure Development and Implementation *Army Regulation 611–1 Effective 31 October 1997 H i s t o r y . T h i s U p d a t e p r i n t i n g p u b l i s h e s a


Search through a range of Army career categories to find a job that matches your interest or experience. The Army offers a wide variety of Military Occupational Specialties. Search Through Careers in the Army and Full MOS List | goarmy.com


Medical Service Corps Jobs / MOS List. Following is the list of Medical Service Corps jobs (or military occupational specialties). The physical demands and profile rating, required ASVAB line scores, and any available enlistment bonuses are included for each enlisted MOS.


In the Army, "ASI" stands for "Additional Skill Identifier." ASIs show additional skills, training, and qualification a soldier may possess, in addition to his/her Military Occupation Specialty (MOS). Some ASI's are awarded only to a soldier in a specified MOS.


The United States Army uses various personnel management systems to classify soldiers in different specialties which they receive specialized and formal training on once they successfully complete Basic Combat Training (BCT).. Enlisted soldiers are categorized by their assigned job called a Military Occupational Specialty or MOS are labeled with a short alphanumerical code called a military ...


Army Jobs / MOS List. There are hundreds of active duty jobs for enlisted, officers, and warrant officers to choose from in the Army (and some dedicated to the Reserves and National Guard), which we separate into their appropriate branch.