There is a list of U.S. Army Military Occupation Specialties on the Army career website The website also has an interactive tool called the Army Career Explorer to help potential recruits match their qualific... More »

One method of changing Army MOS, or Military Occupational Specialty, while still in active service is to scan periodically posted in and out calls for positions in understaffed MOSs and submit the necessary paperwork to ... More »

The U.S. Army groups military occupational specialties by categories such as combat, mechanics, and computer/technology. Armor officer, a position which includes responsibility for tank and cavalry forward reconnaissance... More » Government & Politics Military

The U.S. Army is responsible for securing America's geographical borders and the citizens who reside in it by military means. Additionally, the Army provides military support when needed by local authorities in crisis an... More »

There is no minimum IQ score to join the U.S. Army, but applicants have to score at least 31 on the Armed Forces Qualification Test. This test is part of the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, which measures sev... More »

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