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As of 2014, basic training for the U.S. Army lasts for 10 weeks. Soldiers may spend a week or two prior to and following basic training for in-processing and out-processing at the basic camp training facility. The primary 10 weeks of basic training include training that focuses on leadership, direct


The most popular online training courses in 2014 were Coursera's "Introduction to Databases" and Instreamia's "University Spanish Level 1," according to Dhawal Shah on edSurge. The top courses were rated based on data from Class Central.


Free online training is available through Coursera and edX online. Both platforms offer a range of massive open online courses, known as MOOCs, for no cost and that are open to anyone seeking training, explains Educause.


The latest released models of the G3 Riveted and Welded Jon boats are the 2016 editions. There are a total of 11 models from which to choose, with each boat differing in length, beam size and other characteristics. The smallest boats fit two people, while the larger ones accommodate six.


Online training uses the Internet to deliver learning materials on a particular subject. A learning management system compiles all of the information into an interactive course that is accessed online. Students take a self-paced approach to completing the online training module.


The Massachusetts Institute of Technology provides free access to three of its computer programming courses. These include Introduction to Computer Science and Programming, Interpretation of Computer Programs and Practical Programming in C and Structure.


Some online Army games in which players play as members of the armed services include "Army Conflict" and "Coast Attack." These games are available online to play for free at FOG.com.


Microsoft offers free in-depth tutorials for its Office 2013 software. Learners can also take certification exams online, but the user must pay a fee to take the exam. GCF LearnFree is a good website that has free tutorials for Microsoft Office and other software.


As of 2015, the U.S. News & World Report's annual rankings of the top online programs in different fields include criminal justice programs at Boston College and Arizona State University and the engineering program at Columbia University. These programs include online training courses within their f


The Army training management cycle is a process used by the U.S. military to train soldiers to accomplish different goals during wartime. The cycle breaks down into three primary phases: to assess, plan and execute in accordance with the mission essential task list.