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As of 2014, basic training for the U.S. Army lasts for 10 weeks. Soldiers may spend a week or two prior to and following basic training for in-processing and out-processing at the basic camp training facility. The primary 10 weeks of basic training include training that focuses on leadership, direct


The latest released models of the G3 Riveted and Welded Jon boats are the 2016 editions. There are a total of 11 models from which to choose, with each boat differing in length, beam size and other characteristics. The smallest boats fit two people, while the larger ones accommodate six.


To improve computer security, use complex passwords, change passwords on a regular basis, and install antivirus programs. Additionally, don't open emails from unknown sources; if you receive a suspicious email, especially one that has an attachment, delete the email, and make sure to delete it from


Microsoft and UniversalClass.com offer classes for learning basic computer skills as of 2015. The former offers free online courses and provides a certificate upon completion. UniversalClass.com offers a basic class for $35 without a certificate and $60 for a Continuing Education Units certificate u


The easiest way to access free basic computer training is to use one of the available beginners online courses, such as Basic Skills from CTDLC.org or Computer Basics from Digital Unite. In some states, colleges and adult education institutes may also offer free courses in basic skills for local res


Cybrary and SANS Cyber Aces Online offer free security training programs. Other highly rated options include training programs offered by SearchSecurity, VMware Training, Saylor.org and EBest Internet Security.


The Army Security Agency, until it ceased operations in 1977, provided signal intelligence to the military during several wars. The organization was created in 1945 after the reorganization of its precursor, the Signal Security Service.


A person can buy Army Security Agency gear in new or used condition. The gear is collectible, so specific pieces may be hard to obtain.


The Army training management cycle is a process used by the U.S. military to train soldiers to accomplish different goals during wartime. The cycle breaks down into three primary phases: to assess, plan and execute in accordance with the mission essential task list.


Private Army Training. Recruits entering the United States Army are subject to two primary and essential training programs: basic combat training or BCT, and Advanced Individual Training or AIT. During or immediately after this training, these recruits move into the ranks as Privates. The Army's tra