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Some popular flowering bushes include rosebushes, lilacs, azaleas and butterfly bushes. Roses have been grown since antiquity and are popular for the beauty and fragrance of their blossoms. Their petals and fruit, or hips, can be eaten, and they are also used in perfumery and medicine.


Garden bushes with flowers include the butterfly bush, hydrangea, gardenia and oleander. Hibiscus and magnolia bushes also produce attractive blossoms.


The most popular purple flowering bushes include lilacs, rhododendra and butterfly bushes. Purple flowering shrubs and bushes exist in all shapes, sizes and shades of purple to suit any landscape.


The mapleleaf viburnum thrives in deep shade and blooms in spring with white flower clusters. It later produces lovely red berries that birds love and has deeply lobed green foliage that in fall changes from reddish purple to rosy pink. Other shade-loving viburnums include the Judd viburnum, with it


Bluebeard shrub, butterfly bush, oleander, potentilla and rock rose are some flowering bushes that require full sun. These low-maintenance perennial bushes also prefer well-drained soil.


Some good flowering shrubs and bushes include weigela, Rose of Sharon, camellia, Nanking cherry and hydrangea. These plants can complement the color and scents of common annuals and perennials.


Some projects using photos of flowers include A to Z flowers, a single color or flower collage, frozen flowers, monochrome photography, and macro photography. Many of these projects allow photographers to stretch their creative skills, while others allow non-photographers to use found photos.


Tips for shooting beautiful photographs of flowers include paying attention to and controlling lighting, ensuring that the flower you are shooting is in focus, and changing the perspective from which you are shooting. Flowers can be challenging subjects, but using these tips help ensure lovely photo


A person can get stock photos of flowers for free on Picjumbo, Pixabay, Gratisography, MorgueFile and FreeImages. Though free to use, some of the pictures may require an attribution to the original artist.


Lack of sufficient sunlight and too much nitrogen in the soil are reasons a lilac blush does not flower. Another reason a lilac bush does not flower is an incorrect amount of pruning at the wrong time.