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An arithmetic sequence is a sequence of numbers where there is a definitive pattern between the consecutive terms of the series. In general, arithmetic sequences can be represented by x = a + d(n - 1).


Arithmetic sequences are used in daily life for different purposes, such as determining the number of audience members an auditorium can hold, calculating projected earnings from working for a company and building wood piles with stacks of logs. Arithmetic sequences are...


A limit solver is tool that can determine the limit of a function when a variable approaches a given value. As of August 2014, limit solvers are available online at WolframAlpha, Symbolab and MathPortal.


Calculate the sum of an arithmetic sequence with the formula (n/2)(2a + (n-1)d). The sum is represented by the Greek letter sigma, while the variable a is the first value of the sequence, d is the difference between values in the sequence, and n is the number of terms i...


A chemistry problem solver is a solution guide for solving chemistry problems. The guide helps students solve difficult and complex chemistry problems by providing them with step-by-step solutions to the problems.


Logic proof solvers, or logic calculators, are tools that help individuals check the validity of their premises and conclusions. Logic proofs are a numbered series of letters and symbols that symbolically represent an argument.


A logarithmic solver is a calculator that can help compute the logarithm of a given number. In addition, some calculators are also able to compute the anti-logarithm. Logarithms can be solved by hand, on a calculator or by online calculator.